my beloved!
family guy, art, paramore, horror movies, kpop, clowns, cats, video games, my friends, minxtwt groupchat, etc...

maddy / ghost !
bdate: 0210
pronouns: she/her
age: minor
pics have links! /safe

not beloved!
hypocrites, racists, math, homophobes, irl shippers, toxic stans, school, etc...

dfi / byf

dni / byf
basic dfi criteria, anti any of my favs, irl shipper, over 25 (current moots ok) i might forget to tw, soft block to unfollow!
paramore, penelope scott, pearl jam, joan jett & the blackhearts, kiss, siouxsie and the banshees, the 1975, marina, etc
figure skating
alexandra trusova, anna shcherbakova, alysa liu kamila valieva, alena kostornaia, evgenia medvedeva, etc


minx, egr, pewds, vixella markiplier, jacksepticeye, lilsimsie, ldshadowlady, smallishbeans, technoblade, etc
dreamcatcher, blackpink, nct, loona, ive, twice, redvelvet, itzy, skz, kep1er, class:y, etc


you are valid! and you are loved! thank you for reading! have a great day <3

raven (teen titans 2009)
natasha romanoff (marvel)
black cat (marvel)
hatsune miku
frankie (monster high)
penelope garcia (criminal minds)
heather chandler (heathers)
iya maid (naijiura maids)
mimikyu (pokemon)
harle (chrono cross)
jackie burkhart (that 70s show)
lisa rowe (girl, interrupted)

kin list or whatev